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Early Voting: April 22nd- April 30th

Election Day: May 4th

Contact us with any questions: info@resendezforcitycouncil.com

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Join Us: Saturday April 13th

Please join us this Saturday to keep the momentum going! We're just a few short weeks away from early voting. We'll need as many volunteers as possible to help get our message to the voters in District 5! Don't worry, we'll work with your schedule, so if you can only work 1, 2, or 3 hours we'd really appreciate it! Please message us for details! info@resendezforcitycouncil.com


Not long ago, Southeast Dallas was divided into four different city council districts, and, as a result, we did not have a representative solely focused on our community. Due to the lack of cohesive representation at City Hall, our community was neglected and suffered from insufficient investment and opportunity.

Despite tremendous economic growth and development throughout our city in recent years, many residents of Southeast Dallas and similar communities in Dallas continue to feel left out. Now is the time for City Hall to focus on us. We need robust, equitable economic development; a strong police force with high morale to protect us; improved transportation; and quality affordable housing.

I’m running for city council because I want to see all of Dallas succeed, regardless of the zip code we come from. District 5 needs a strong, thoughtful representative, who understands our past, embraces the diversity of our present, and sees the opportunities of our future. I hope I can count on your vote May 4! 

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